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Our Services

Business Development

​The development of your business plan, service offerings, internal process etc. are vital to achieving your organizational goals and increasing the bottom line. We work with our clients closely to understand your organization and provide solution driven guidance for implementation and sustainability. 

Website Design and Management

We understand how important it is to have an online presence can be to the success of any business large or small.  We work with our clients to understand their scope of work develop a website layout and execute. Websites can vary from a simple one pager to a shopping experience. 

Social Media Management & Design:

Social Media is one of the most recognized ways for a business to build brand awareness, encourage brand participation and increase sales revenue. We work with our clients to tell their story through a digital footprint as well as content management. 

Event Management and Design:

The world is social, and every brand needs a social component whether it is a holiday soiree, fundraiser or community outreach.  We work with our clients to create unique social experiences that tell your brands story or mission. 

LUX  Service: 

LUX is an intimate event management and design service for private clients. Consultation Required. 

Project Management 

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