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What's understood, doesn't have to be said........

When you see another black person in passing you are to provide a cool salutation. The Black Man Head Nod or the Hey Girl Hey wave. If you are parenting teach your kids.

Take care of our homes and neighborhoods. We need to be systematic in our approach to  raise the value of our property and build equity.

Take out an insurance policy on the yourself,  your parents, children and create a living will. If you are single or married this needs to be a  Sunday Night Dinner & Discussion topic.  Life Insurance policy inheritance has been a sustainable family wealth payout from one generation to the next. This is how your children’s children will have the cash needed to financially support their own creativity. This black wealth transfer process does not require us to compete against each other outside of insurance sales.

Be committed to patronizing black establishments for everyday goods and services. This will be frustrating and possibly not convenient; however, our focus must remain on creating community wealth and cultural privileged. If you manage operation budget make it your business and a programmatic goal to spend a certain percentage of minority sending.

Mold, shape and prepare your community to elect a loyal African American District Attorney. In order to create true justice, we need to have people in place to systematically orchestrate and aid in the implementation of black men and women at the system entry point.  

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